Dimoen - Disposable Modular Endoscopy

Francisco Soriano
Phone: +34 616960821
Mobile: +34 606960821
Email: fsoriano@syrclinical.es

About Francisco Soriano:

Endoscopy specialist with more than 20 years or experience in endsocopy field, and inventor of few patents for endoscopic devices.

Owner, manager, and director of few medical companies in Spain.

I have been surrounded by endoscopes since I born. My father, Francisco Soriano senior, was the first Olympus technician in Spain.

I expend part of my childhood on an endoscopy service, as my father was working hard to make his company grow. I expend a lot of afternoons and weekends on the workshop “helping” my father, even with 5 or 7 years old I just cleaned his tools, or just returned to the warehouse the parts storage drawer he used.

Time passed, I grew up, and after being watching my father repairing scopes for years, listening his explanations, I finally start to do some small repairs. All that gave me the chance to get the deep knowledge of the endoscopes I have. In other words; in my life, only the period I served in the Navy I have been far from an endoscope, almost 40 years of experience.

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