Trust & Safety

In our first priority is safety. Our goal is always to make the process of fundraising effortless and safe. Honesty and sincerity are of maximum importance.

Can money actually be raised for the campaign?
Does my donation reach its destination?
Can my money easily be lost in the cyberspace?

Of course there are several questions running through your head, the money is yours afterall. We are here to answer all of these questions.

Things you should know about us:

Our team of charity partners have to go through a long process of authentication and verification, according to which they have to submit valid documents. The credibility of each CHARITY is confirmed and verified before the account activation on

Likewise, for people who raise funds for individual needs,our team does the necessary verification and KYC of the person before the campaign begins. we approve of only the authentic ones. does not support donation pages that try to dodge the prescribed donation method, i.e., posting direct links to alternative payment methods. We lead people to the large 'Contribute Now' button found on each donation page.

Please report any pages that want direct payment or users trying to contact in order to arrange for an alternative mode of payment.

You cannot reveal your personel details like contact number, email address to anyone who wants to use the 'Message' on our page. Users are never contacted through this method. Your mail address can still be shared if required. Also be careful whe you receive from 3rd party fundraising companies or individuals who offer personel assistance.

DO NOT personally arrange to meet anyone who contacts you through your page.

Report any doubtful activity directly to us.

Why a fundraiser does not need to worry:

Can the payment process be trusted?

We are associated with verified payment gateways like Paypal and do we accept all online modes of payment i.e., net banking, debit card and credit card,we also provide donors with offline modes of payment like cash pickup and cheque pickup(only in india).

Still is it safe?

Your campaign features the very best and safe online payment, money is securely stored till you wish a withdrawal via electronic bank transfer. We are SSL certified, so all sensitive details regarding credit card/debit card/net banking details are safe with us.

What happens to the money i owe

Though its free to create and share your online fundraising campaign, takes a certain fee for each donation that you receive. The payment gateway charges as well as service taxes are included in this. We'd happily have given you the entire amount but we are only a small team filled with vigorous youth. Our fee is deducted automatically, so no worries about being billed or owing us any money. To know more click here

How will the donors know my intention?

We are easily accessible in other words an open platform. We foster honesty in every way. You can put daily updates on ypur campaign page so that your backers get daily updates and you can win the trust of potential supporters as well.

Why a donor should not worry:

How do i validate the authenticity of the campaigner?

Even if we monitor and control 24*7, we cannot give a 100% security that the page contains precise and true information. If the donors happen to personally know and support the cause of the campaigners only then should they make a payment. Preferrably, the donors should be fully aware of the cause presented, before contributing to the campaign.

Questions about the campaign to be asked to whom?

Complete honesty is our policy. So if you have any questions shoot and we'll give suggestions and directly get in touch with the campaign owner via email or comment. If you have any questions about the sincerity of the campaign we would prefer you to be altogether not involved.

Will my personal details be sent out to random parties?

All the details submitted while making donation is confidential. We completely avoid unauthorized access. So no worries about your information being circulated.

Does my donation actually reach its cause?

With, the donated money goes directly to the bank account associated with the fundraiser's campaign. We assure you of zero interference on our part.

What about my other questions?

If you have any questions at all, apart from these email us right away. Write to