Your funds cannot be granted while the campaign is ongoing. Only at the end of the campaign will the funds be trasferred to your account. Inspite of target being met or not, the total funds collected shall be transferred into your designated account.

So the campaign has ended now when do i receive the funds?

The payouts of the campaign are made after 14 days. You are requested to note that, never makes payouts to ongoing campaigns. When the campaign ends(zero days remaining) funds are automatically transferred in 2 weeks time to bank account shared with The 2-week cycle begins only from the day the campaign ends and ALL required documents have been uploaded. For example, the campaign ends on 1st January and you uploaded all required compliance documents on 7 nth January then the payout will be given on 21 January (2 weeks). This is greatly advised that in accordance with the documentation when your campaign is running for a fast and smooth payout. For more enquiries you are requested to write to

How much of the funds are going to be credited to my account?

We charge a flat fee of 5% + VAT, the balance post the fee will be transferred to your bank account. Additionally there is £45 bank wire transfer fee on GBP you have received irrespective of the amount you raised and processor fees while collecting donations which can vary from 2% to 4%.

Define Intermediary Bank details and Swift Code and how to find them?

Sort Code:

It is necessary for transferring amount in foreign currency.As every bank has a unique sort code.

Intermediary Bank Details:

This is a third party bank used by your bank to help international transfer and settlement of funds which are necessary for us to transfer GBP (foreign funds) gathered by your campaign. Your bank forex department will give all information.

How do i get information about the person making donations?

By logging in your account at your campaign page. On the top right there is a download option file, which will have all donor details.

For any more information please contact