Fundraising tips

Ways to make your campaign effective


The moment your campaign is ready, reach out to your supporters. Here are a few suggestions for the crowdfunding trade:

The FIRST and LAST THREE DAYS of your campaign ae the most crucial. This is the time your campaign generates maximum velocity. So hurry up!

Stage 1:Split your social circle into an internal circle (friends, family,colleagues)

Stage 2: Interact with your internal social circle-friends, family and colleagues. They are in most probability going to support because they truely care for you.

Stage 3: : Interact with your external circle next- old friends, distant relatives , ex-colleagues , etc. They will be enthusiastic to join in once they see the support you have garnered.

Here's the catch- research says, people feel their contribution is more effective when the goal of a campaign is closer. So, the support actually increases. This is the catalyst your external circle needs to help out more.

Intend to get 25% of your funding goal through the 10-15 people from your internal circle. The stimuli for the campaign should be on the rise because of your external circle.


Social media is amazing, but it can never replace direct contact(face to face contact, direct emails, a personel Facebook or Whatsapp message). So when you actually begin your work,direct individualized contact is crucial.

SOCIAL MEDIA is still your best friend though! By using your Facebook status, Twitter and other social media you can spread more word about your campaign. The world should also be aware of the amazing things you are upto!

Never forget to include your campaign page link in any communication.


Humility is ALWAYS appreciated.

A simple thank-you can actually make your supporters day! They can actually want to work with you again and definetly spread good word around. Thats amazing isn't it?

You will always receive a notifying mail from team everytime a supporter donates to your account.

Another secret is that, that the contributers are might actually help out again in 48 hours time, seriously!

3. CALLING is the best policy.

4. Second best is a PERSONEL EMAIL.

SOCIAL MEDIA can never take a backseat since it acknowledges their help on a public forum. Never forget to TAG your friends.


Again because it gladdens them. WHY?

5. Remember humility is always appreciated.

6. It engrosses them , a pleasant feeling of involvement pleases them. Therefore, they actually get involved i. e., they will come back again and spread good word about you

So emailing your supporters the campaign updates are a must! Posting updates on SOCIAL MEDIA is also another way of getting more supporters.


Daily updates are not required, your updates should be according to your need. A weekly update is quite standardised.


Content is the key! Here are a few tricks to effective communication.


7. Add the magic touch of personality through witty and heartfelt messages discussing the reason why you are campaigning for how long and the impact you want to create through these.

8. Use a personel story rather than giving a vague reference. Example: Little Maya , an orphan so bright and filled with potential. The bridge to her future is in your hands. Introduce the NGO, shortly, to reassure people of the security reputed. Do include how can you have helped the campaign. Asking them to share the campaign link on social media.


9. Discuss about the wonderful work the NGO has been doing for the nation's unfortunate. Discuss how your campaign has successfully managed to touch all walks of life.

10. Definetly add the campaign link and do not forget to ask your network for

11. Tell them to share campaign link on social media.


12. Discuss about the great impact and the heartfelt messages garnered by your campaign. On how it received press coverage for the NGO, if any share the advancement of the campaign page share it on social media.


13. A heartfelt message thank you to everyone who has supported you! Social media platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp, etc.


14. Discuss how you have messaged to invoke the support and raise XYZ amount of money which actually created the impact.

15. Refer on how you assisted to the goal.

16. Request everyone to share /retweet the post/link


17. Share the advancement and timelines give details of all supporters ask everyone to share /retweet the post/link


18. The videos if anyone asks to share developement and timelines to share /retweet the post/link


Sincerely thank everyone who helped you!