We Fund Any Charity is an innovative crowd-funding platform, which seeks to connect registered charities, projects and individuals in need with civil society and businesses across the world, to fundraise monies for their particular cause.

Why was it set up?

The other sections of our We Fund network are primarily centered around providing businesses and sole enterprises access to finance to fund their business.

We Fund Any Charity was set up as a way of encouraging businesses to give back and to bridge the gap between business and charity, as well as to address the difficulty charities have in attracting private/business investors as a sustainable income stream. Charities are also coming under increasing pressure to find other ways of fundraising due to increasing cuts in funding available, so We Fund Any Charity is designed to fill this devastating caveat that many charities are currently facing.

On a business-related note, there is more awareness and attention now being paid to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), particularly in a time where multi-national corporations are being heavily scrutinized for tax evasion and monopolization of particular industries. Giving to charity is something highly looked upon by consumers, clients and potential partners and can only maximize profits and showcase a business’ ethical profile. And…. It doesn’t cost businesses anything!

How does it work?

The portal is pretty much self-explanatory and guides you through a step-by-step process of how to set up your own profile and how to then create your first project. We also provide you tips on how to increase your chances of securing funding for your cause. Once your project is live on the crowd-funding site, it is shared across our international business networks and also across various social media platforms to facilitate awareness-raising and encourage people to donate.

If you have a small team and need any help setting up, we are happy to have a chat and guide you along the way!

Why should you use the platform?

People within NGOs, CBOs and smaller charities often find themselves stuck on a hamster wheel, where they are spending resources, time and a lot of effort to apply for funding to meet their aims and objectives and fulfill the needs of the project.

Yet, in reality they are spending more of their time writing reports detailing outcomes and targets to meet the demands of donors, rather than streamlining their spending to maximise the project’s potential impact.

We Fund Any Charity is designed to cut down bureaucracy so charities can do good work rather than merely appearing to do good work as a by-product of their donor dependency. This does not mean our portal is not transparent. In fact, groups/people that sign up to our platform have to provide evaluations on the ongoing progress and impact of their project, but they are encouraged to showcase their work in a more creative and dynamic way through photos and videos, rather than quarterly reports that members of the public or businesses are unlikely to want to read.

As crowd funding is fundraising through multiple donees from different backgrounds, it releases the pressure of donor deadlines and decreases the workloads of fundraising departments. We have found that most street fundraisers are increasingly finding that the public don’t want to be stopped on the street and more people would prefer to contribute a small proportion of their income online, where they can see the project for themselves.

We Fund Any Charity crowd funding platform thus encourages charities to adapt and revolutionise their fundraising methods to become parallel with changes in public attitudes and behaviours. We will soon be launching our unique mobile application that we will provide and enable you to brand as your own charity and connect directly with the world.

What is in it for us?

We take a 5% cut of what you fundraise to cover the administration and platform maintenance costs. This is a cost that would otherwise have to be borne through longer employment hours for grant writers and street fundraising staff. If you wish to work more closely with our marketing experts then we are more than happy to discuss other options for support that you require.

The distinction in the way We Fund Any Charity works lies in the fact that it is also uniquely interconnected with the rest of our We Fund network, which means that it is linked to our portal of businesses and sole enterprises, which encourages them to give tax free donations to the charities and causes on our We Fund Any Charity platform.

The crowd-funding platform also automatically shares your cause across various social media platforms to save you the hassle of doing so and to enhance your visibility!